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Nestle Ceregrow





Tinystep is Bangalore-based healthcare and parenting network founded by Suhail Abidi in 2015. The app provides information, advice and a network of parents and doctors. The network consists of people in the pregnancy, baby and toddler stages of parenthood.The app monitors every stage, from ovulation calculations for pregnancy to the status of pregnancy, regularly, and captures milestones like first step, first laugh, first tooth, first words, etc. Since founding the app has registered more than 600,000 users.


Needs And Challenges



Tinystep in association with Nestle seeked us to tell a story which celebrated motherhood and parenting on their behalf with a video which will also spread a word about Nestle’s then one of the newest products Nestle Ceregrow. The challenge the social media scientists in our labs faced was to combine the elements of art, emotion, marketing and engineering into a beautiful telegenic product. A product which is not just a tribute to womanhood but also a promotion to Nestle Ceregrow. Results are for you to see!

So, we penned down the scripts, drew the storyboards, shot the video, did the post-production work and presented our client Tinystep with soulful videos.