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Tinystep is Bangalore-based healthcare and parenting network founded by Suhail Abidi in 2015. The app provides information, advice and a network of parents and doctors. The network consists of people in the pregnancy, baby and toddler stages of parenthood.The app monitors every stage, from ovulation calculations for pregnancy to the status of pregnancy, regularly, and captures milestones like first step, first laugh, first tooth, first words, etc. Since founding the app has registered more than 600,000 users.


Needs And Challenges



Our client needed a video which can essentially be a tribute to fathers across the world. Given that our client is a healthcare and pregnancy platform and we will be looking at audience majorly consisting of women, we needed to come up with a script which is relatable to them while emphasising the importance of Dad’s role in everyone’s life. Every woman’s first love will be her father is something which goes without saying. So, we spun out a script revolving around this saying and result is here for all of you to see!